Diane Lieser's Bio

Diane Lieser is the 2nd oboist in the Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Webster University, and is the Executive Assistant for the Compton Heights Concert Band of St. Louis. She is a 35-year playing member of the Compton Heights Concert Band and The St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra. She is also an English Horn extra in Bach at the Sem. Diane grew up listening to her parents play cello-piano duets in the living room and attending Philharmonic concerts. Her parents gave her the opportunity to appreciate and eventually love music. She studied oboe with the late John Littich, Jan Parkes, and Thomas Parkes (retired St. Louis Symphony). She attended the renowned oboist John Mack's oboe camps and recently, received mentoring on the English Horn from Cally Banham (St. Louis Symphony). She also has learned a great deal from fellow Metropolitan and Philharmonic orchestra members. Diane has had tremendous opportunities to perform with a variety of regional, national and internationally acclaimed guest artists. She has performed on recordings with the Compton Heights Concert Band and as oboe soloist on an album by singer/songwriter/storyteller J.D. Blackfoot. When not working (or making oboe and English Horn reeds), Diane enjoys gardening, cooking, reading (the NY Science Times), playing the piano and cello, and having coffee or wine with mom and friends. She also loves dogs and moose. Her interest in moose inspired her to design and create the Compton Heights Concert Band's mascot "Moosic!".